Commonly Asked Questions About Windows & Doors

Many of our customers have questions about windows and doors before they make their purchase decisions, so we thought we’d share them here. Questions range from technical information such as sizes and installation requirements, to more general inquiries such as the different types available or how windows can help improve insulation in a home. Our sales team has extensive knowledge and we’re more than happy to provide expert answers. Feel free to browse our FAQ for common questions regarding windows and doors, or contact us directly with any questions you have. Windows and doors are our passion, and we love talking about them!


Who are your suppliers?

Great question. Here’s a list:

PlyGem, Jeld-Wen, Alliance Door Products, Lynden Door, Trimlite, Wescon Doors, Codel Doors, Fenstur Windows, BC Door, Gentek Windows, Everlast Windows, Everwood Doors, Windowland, Shuswap Millwork and Schlage Locks. You can find product catalogues on their official websites or visit our showroom in Salmon Arm and our experienced sales team can explain all the details to you, including warranty information.

What glass is best for a professional looking storefront?

Tempered glass has many commercial applications. Strength and durability make it one of the most popular glass choices for businesses. This glass is more difficult to break than regular glass due to a special heating and cooling process that increases the glass’s strength; it effectively holds its shape even when struck with extreme force. Industries including construction, architecture, transportation, health care, foodservice, retail, entertainment and hospitality all benefit from using tempered glass in storefront windows, entrance ways and partitions due to its heavy-duty attributes. The extra safety factor makes it an attractive option in areas where there is potential risk of injury from broken glass or security issues.

Can I buy interior doors built for soundproofing?

 Yes! A quiet home is a peaceful home, and some doors are built with soundproofing qualities that make them a perfect choice for your renovation or new home build. Call for more information on interior doors as a solution if noise control is a concern.

What is the most energy efficient exterior door?

Another great question. When it comes to choosing doors that can help reduce energy costs, many homeowners are now turning to high-quality doors with low-e glass or glazing. Low-e technology reflects heat back into its source, leading to better energy efficiency. Additionally, doors made from insulated steel and fiberglass are generally more energy efficient than wood doors as they tend to be more airtight and keep conditioned air inside. By investing in these types of doors, homeowners can decrease their energy bills. Please note that proper installation is key to energy efficiency, which is why our professional technicians take such care in this part of the process.

What brands do you sell for garage doors?

Thanks for asking. Our brands include Steel-Craft, North West Doors, Amarr, CHI Overhead Doors, Clopay and Liftmaster Motors. Check out our Garage Doors page for more information.

Why is there condensation on my window?

Condensation occurs in response to humidity in the air contacting a cool surface that is below the dew point.  It can happen both inside and outside the house and can happen at different times of the year.  It is not an indication that the window is failed or is of poor quality.  On the contrary, installing a well-sealed window can actually increase the occurrence of condensation inside the home since it will reduce or eliminate the amount of air exchange that an old leaky window was allowing.  Controlling the humidity level inside the home is the best defense against excess condensation.  Consider using fans, air-exchange systems, or dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity and encourage air-flow around windows by opening blinds during the day, removing obstructions from HVAC vents, and leaving interior doors open as much as possible.